Botanical Gardens

The Queens Florist and Botanical Gardens

Possession of our new home took place on November 7th, 2019.  It immediately began its transformation.

Phase I: Florist

Starting on November 7th, phase one is comprised of beginning the major renovations and moving the existing business into the front of the upper floor. Before the end of the year we will be starting some of the exterior renovations as well (though some will have to be delayed until spring). Changes include (completed changes in green):

  • Large display windows installed in the “kitchen” area

  • Glass doors installed in the entrance way, replacing the current yellow doors.

  • Install metal roof

  • Rebuild entry railings

  • Scrape and repaint building exterior

  • Kitchen cabinets and appliances removed

  • Shelving and display cases installed in “kitchen”

  • Half wall built to separate store area from botanical gardens

  • Separate work area from store area with half height display cases

  • Build entryway to phase 2 (Botanical Garden)

Phase II: Indoor Botanical Garden
Phase two is the first phase of the botanical garden. We are well under way with phase two. Displays are still being built, and educational information has yet to be designed, but you can see things taking shape.

Phase two is when the live plant exhibits are created. These displays will fill a significant amount of the horizontal AND vertical space, and be vibrant and exciting.

  • Provide a wide array of fresh, exotic flowers for the florist, which otherwise would not be available in Queens County

  • Provide a huge variety of plants and greenery for sale

  • Be displayed in a manner conducive to education, by:

    • By arranging by geography, ecological niche, or some other instructive manner

    • Having descriptive signs/plaques describing the plants and their environments

    • Demonstrating agricultural alternatives: soil, hydroponics, aeroponics, etc.

  • Have seating areas, suitable for relaxation and contemplation

Phase III: Outdoor Gardens

The proposed building for The Queens Florist is situated on a lovely 10,000 square foot corner lot. Phase three involves starting to plant a variety of tasteful gardens, intended for public enjoyment. The outdoor gardens will be designed to enhance the property, support the local ecosystem, and be a visual treat for local residents and visitors alike.

Seating and shaded areas will be installed, along with common garden decorations such as sculptures (by local artists!) and birdbaths. A profusion of flowers will attract local birds and butterflies.

The outdoor gardens will fill out over several seasons, with the gardens growing and expanding over time.

Phase IV: Indoor Botanical Garden Expansion

The botanical garden is not finished with the  completion of the top floor exhibits. The lower floor provides an equally large (though not as high) area for further expansion.

One of the major renovations being planned are stairs leading from the upstairs garden to the lower garden. Expanding exhibits will be able to continue to grow and fill out this new area, along with their associated relaxation areas, educational paraphernalia, and art displays.

Building out the phase four exhibits will begin upon completion of phase two (and likely overlap phase three).