Delivery Information

Delivery Fee

The Queens Florist delivers anywhere within a 54 km distance. Delivery price starts at $6.00 for anything within 6km of the store, and is an additional $2 for each additional block of 4km.

This means that delivery within 6 km is $6.00, but between 6 and 10 km the delivery charge is $8.00, and between 10-14 km is $10, and so on.

Delivery Schedule

We delivery 7 days a week, after ?? o'clock. Same day deliveries must be booked by phone before 12:00pm, and can only be performed after 6:30pm. Bear in mind that the flowers in a bouquet depend on what is in stock. The more lead-time we have before a delivery, the better chance you will get the exact flowers that you would like. If a bouquet must have specific flowers, please call to place your order.

Unsuccessful Delivery

If a delivery is unsuccessful we will leave a card indicating that delivery was attempted along with a number to call.

Sample Delivery Fees

Here is a list of towns and the likely delivery charge to the town centre:

  • Liverpool, Brooklyn, Milton: $6.00
  • Western Head, White Point, Beach Meadows: $8.00
  • Hunts Point, Eagle Head: $10.00
  • Mill Village, Port Mouton, Summerville Centre, Charlston: $12.00
  • Port Mouton, Port Medway, West Berlin, East Berlin, Danesville: $14.00
  • Port Joli, Vogler's Cove: $16.00
  • Pleasantfield, Bangs Falls: $18.00
  • Greenfield, Granite Village: $20.00
  • Buckfield: $22.00
  • Upper Chelsea, Chelsea, Sable River$24.00
  • Bridgewater, Molega: $26.00
  • Oak Hill: $28.00
  • Caledonia, Jordan Falls, Rockland: $30.00